The Impact of Vibration on Leadership

Let’s take a moment to think about, sense and feel how we impact others as leaders. We all think and move at a different pace, and anyone we interact with is directly impacted by these “vibrations.” Google’s informal definition of vibration is “the atmosphere of a place, or the associations of an object, as communicated […]

Working on Talent Solution Strategies

The average cost of a bad hire is $14,900. For revenue generating positions and high-level roles, your cost for making a bad hire increases dramatically. To make the “bad hire” matters worse, most businesses’ core competencies don’t include recruiting and hiring. Unless the business was started as a talent acquisition endeavor, chances are the things […]


“It’s an Employer’s Market.  We Are Your Partners, And Here To Help Your Employees Transition to A New Role” Advatix Comprehensive Outplacement Solutions Employees fundamentally shape the value delivered by a company to its customers and investors.Great companies consistently make investments in the development of their employees.This produces superior returns for the company in the […]

The Moment I Became a Leader!

When I was still a young “nugget” Naval aviator in a fighter squadron I was placed in charge of the Line Department. It was made up of “Line Rats” who serviced the jets and lived in the “Line Shack.” These young 18 to 19-year olds had the unenviable job of working on the flight deck […]

Advatix Hires Gerry Mercure from TForce and Phylliss Lundquist from Amazon and Starbucks, Continues to Unlock Growth for Several Companies

April 10, 2019  Advatix Inc., one of the world’s most experienced logistics operations and technology leader, is on a mission to help companies grow faster by streamlining supply chains and operations. Last week, at the Home Delivery World Expo in Philadelphia, PA, Advatix announced the addition of two more industry leaders. Gerry Mercure has joined […]

Advatix Brings Onboard Ex-Amazon Executives from Deliv, Rent the Runway, GP Strategies

 Advatix adds more top talent and continues to help drive wins for its clients. November 13, 2018  Advatix Inc. is on a mission to become the world’s leading operations transformation consulting company, specializing in fulfillment and logistics. It has already helped multiple clients optimize and scale operations, further improving heir financials. Advatix continues to pick […]

eCommerce Fulfillment and Delivery: TForce and Advatix Join Hands to Help Companies Scale-up

October 25, 2018 TForce and Advatix have joined forces to help eCommerce companies expand their fulfillment and logistics operations. TForce is the largest last mile delivery company in the US, whereas Advatix is a fast-growing eCommerce Operations Consulting and Technology firm. Advatix Inc. has helped several eCommerce companies transform their fulfillment and logistics operations at […]

Taking on Retail Giants..and Winning

Advatix CEO Lays Out Winning Omnichannel Supply Chain Strategy to Compete with Industry Giants Santiagio, Chile, October 17, 2017 Speaking to an audience of industry leaders at the 2017 LATAM Retail Congressshop, Advatix CEO, Manish Kapoor, highlighted new opportunities to augment an organization’s omnichannel supply chain.  Manish’s address on the need for developing a unique […]