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The Benefits of Real-Time Visibility with a TMS for Transportation and Logistics Companies

  • June 14, 2023
  • 5 Min Read

Transportation Management System (TMS) is a logistics software and is often a part of the larger supply chain management. It syncs data for optimizing the movement of cargo for on-time delivery, cutting cost and improving efficiency. The cloud-based monitoring system helps enterprises in planning, executing, obtaining information about trade compliance as well as documentation and guarantees timely delivery of goods. Access to real-time visibility of the physical movement of incoming or outgoing freights and cargos leverages companies to scale better and achieve newer heights. TMS usually comes along with SCM system and provides end-to-end solution but can also be procured as a standalone software. It is then incorporated into already installed supply chain management (SCM) system of a company for improving efficiency, time management, ROI and customer relationship.

Who Uses TMS?

TMS solutions are proving to be a boon for small businesses who hugely depend on spreadsheets and manual entry of data related with movement of goods and other nuances of shipping and logistics. The cloud suite plays a crucial role in transforming eCommerce platform by providing real-time transportation visibility. The main reason for considering TMS is the changing expectations of the consumers. Businesses are reeling under unprecedented pressure thrown by the consumers, who want real-time update on orders and want goods to be delivered at a particular time, date, and place.

In today’s world, Transportation Management System (TMS) is being used by manufacturing to 3PLs logistics to life sciences companies. The real-time visibility makes it possible to track, trace and measure overall performance of carriers. TMS is a transportation intelligence system that provide syndicated and integrated data at a single platform.

Benefits of Real-Time Visibility With TMS

Consumer demands are forever growing, getting more personal and complex. Sometimes, retailers receive requests for one-day delivery and even same-day delivery. To serve consumers with their requests, there should be well-coordination between 3PLs logistics and the eCommerce companies. Usually, companies lack information on availability of inventory, stocks available at a particular warehouse, and time required to ship goods to last mile delivery point. Another challenge that comes in the way is maintaining the quality of the good being transported while securing security throughout in the process of order fulfilment.


• Fleet Management. With real-time transportation visibility of fleet movement, backend team can manage routes, provide alert on requirement of necessary documentation or paperwork, reduce costs and delays by pro-active approach.


• Cold Chain Management. Logistics companies need to be frequently updated on temperature requirement of the goods in-transit. Like perishable goods require cooler temperature at different check-points especially when crossing geographical boundaries, then it needs to be kept at the same temperature as in country of origin.


• Insights on Performance. Supply Chain Visibility Solution provide useful insights on what is working and where things are going wrong. The software provides data which activates key performance indicators (KPIs) and companies can make an analytical report on performance of routes as well as the inventories. This can bolster productivity and help transportation and logistics companies to invest wisely and profitably.


• On-Time Delivery. TMS solutions help with rerouting by connecting with driver in real-time. The seamless connectivity for logistics and transportation companies can cut down extra miles, costs and time. Data can help carriers to learn from mistakes and optimize airways, waterways and roadways for cost-effective and on-time order fulfilment.


• Better Co-ordination for Optimizing Transportation Cost. Full TMS solutions integrated into the supply chain can be converged with the services provided by 3PLs logistics partners for last mile delivery. With supply chain visibility solution, shipment can be monitored from start to finish and resolving of transportation issues become convenient and less complex. Stakeholders can intervene on time and ensure timely delivery at a low cost to accentuate customer satisfaction level.


• Real-time Track & Trace Improves Security. With real-time visibility of physical movement of goods, it is easy to trace and track them during transit and ensure security at each level of transportation. This diminishes chances of in-transit loss of items.


• Routing.Logistics companies benefit by real-time transportation visibility as it opens channels for route planning and optimization, route scheduling, dynamic routing and geofencing for better management.


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