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Elevate your customer experience and drive profitability
with innovative, digital-first solutions at the CX-Mission Center.

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With Advatix CXMC, enter a new era of customer experience management, tailored for logistics, transportation, retail, and omnichannel companies. Our solutions simplify your business operations, integrating intelligent, automated processes to quicken routine tasks, enrich customer interactions, and ensure timely deliveries. Our team of experts helps you navigate the digital landscape, creating positive and lasting customer experiences.

Our solutions

Logistics operations


Command Center and Control Tower​

Refine and optimize every stage of your logistics operations to ensure reliability and efficiency from start to finish.



Our experts at the frontline are on a mission to provide an exceptional experience to each customer 24x7. Our team of well-trained logistics and customer service ninjas have access to real-time data that allows them to provide your customers excellent service.

Customer Service
Back Office



Our back-office services provide operational efficiency resulting in better service at a lower cost. We always stay current with the latest technology enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.


IT Help
Desk Support

Rely on Advatix CXMC for dependable and swift IT help desk solutions, maintaining a smooth and efficient technical environment for your operations, and enhancing the productivity of your team.​

It Help Desk

How we help

Advatix is a team of the world’s top supply chain and logistics
experts with a laser focus on helping our clients transform their
operating models and become the leader in their markets.

Improved Communication

Live Communication for Best Experience

  • Multi-Channel Communications; Phone, Email, Web, social media
  • Real-Time, Proactive Customer Updates
  • Personalized Customer Experience
  • Customer Feedback Drives Continuous Improvement
Live Visibility

Control Tower to Stay Ahead of the Game

  • Live Asset and Package Tracking
  • Central Dispatch with Real-Time Performance Monitoring
  • Proactive, Integrated, Predictive, Efficient Execution, On time-In full
  • Actionable Business Insights Using Analytics
Scale-up Business

Advanced Technology Platform for Scale

  • Expedited Growth and Scale with Cloud Solutions
  • Thrive During Peak, Beating KPIs
  • Automated Exception Solving and Escalation
  • Flex Up and Down with Demand
Reduced Cost

High Performance at Lower Cost

  • Onshore/Offshore Operations Cross-Trained Expert Agents
  • Lean Processes
  • Industry Best Practices and System

Advancing Customer Experience
with Generative AI

Creating winning customer experiences

The CX-Mission Center is at the forefront of integrating generative AI into customer experience strategies, ensuring efficiency and precision in every customer interaction. Our tools and expertise in generative AI are at your disposal to transform your CX operations, ensuring accuracy and scalability. Whether you are looking to improve your current CX strategies or expedite the adoption of generative AI across your organization, we are here to assist.

Enable self-service Chat
bots, reducing the need
for live agent interaction
and optimizing contact
center efficiency.

Improve consistency and
accuracy across all
customer interactions.

Reduce resolution
times for customer
inquiries and issues.

Facilitate effective
communication across
various languages,
formats, and channels.

Enhance the performance
and productivity of your
team, contributing to a
more responsive and
efficient organization.

Business Impact


Cost reduction

We have achieved over 50% cost reduction in support functions by waste reduction, centralization, and off-shoring.​


Asset utilization

We have enabled fleets to deliver more with less by improving route density and reducing the number of trucks and drivers.


On-time delivery

Customers expect their packages to be delivered on time. We help improve on-time delivery using various operational and technology solutions with advanced customer communications.


VISIBILITY - You’ve got to find a way
to make people know you’re there.

The Advatix difference

Our Expertise

We manage global supply chain networks, and our team comes with experience in leading operations at some of the largest eCommerce and logistics companies.

Advanced technology

We have developed several industry first solutions to ensure you have a competitive advantage while providing outstanding service to your customers.

Operational Excellence

Our operations are best in class, and we constantly raise the performance bar for ourselves using continuous improvement practices.



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