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Simplify your processes, enhance customer experience, and boost revenue with Advatix CXMC’s back office support. We specialize in managing day-to-day operations, freeing up your team’s time and resources for essential business tasks.

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Our Solutions

Our Back Office Support Services Include

Efficient claims management


Efficient Claim management

Experience our high-quality claims processing service that is reliable and accurate. We handle the entire claim process, from registration to validation and settlement. Our services ensure quick turnaround times and a high level of accuracy in claim settlement.


Managing AP/AR Seamlessly

We ensure error-free process of payments (AP/AR) so that you don’t have to chase or worry about cash management. Our experts keep a tab on timelines, be it payables or receivables.

Managing AP/AR Seamlessly
Accurate freight rate auditing


Accurate Freight Rate Auditing

Our team of freight back office experts meticulously examines, adjusts, and verifies carrier rates for accuracy. With our thorough auditing process, we ensure accurate invoicing by double-checking rates after the bill entry process.


Streamlined POD Processing

Experience streamlined and hassle-free Proof of Delivery (POD) processing and effortless image retrieval with our advanced technology solutions. Our secure and efficient system ensures that your valuable records are securely stored and readily accessible whenever you need them.

Streamlined POD Processing
Easy Bill of lading process



Outsource bill of lading data entry and logistics document processing for operational efficiency and enhanced customer experience. Our expert team takes care of all the paperwork, including freight bills, permits, bill of lading, load verification documents, shipping documents, and more, ensuring accurate and timely processing.



An integral part of our support process is providing business insights and feedback to help the operations improve their performance by reducing errors and making changes in process flows where needed. This helps in improving the overall customer experience by reducing repeat queries thereby reducing cost.


How we help

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Boost Accuracy and Optimize Your Operations
Boost Accuracy and Optimize Your Operations
  • Slash errors and gain visibility with quality metrics that ensure accuracy and keep your business running smoothly.
Scale Confidently
Scale Confidently
  • With our reliable, scalable team of freight billing experts behind you, you can confidently allocate your internal staff to core competencies while ensuring business continuity.
Improved Margins
Improved Margins
  • Our partners experience immediate cost savings of 40-60% on average, with locked-in cost containment to protect against unforeseen circumstances.

An investment in knowledge
Pays the best interest.

The Business Enabler

This is how we impact businesses and help them scale.


Reduced Operations Cost

By offshoring the CX operations keeping only the critical team onshore. By centralizing the customer service operation to 1 offshore and 1 onshore location, we were able to help our customer run a centralized operation leading to standardized processes and also saving over 42% in annual costs.


Enhanced Efficiency of Resources

The customer was able to improve his call answer rate by over 29% by outsouring to Advatix. In addition, we maintained the answers rates even during the peak when the volumes were up by 150% significantly improving the customer experience.


Improved Cash Flow Managed

Reduced Turn Around Time for Queries: By using the Advatix solution, we are able to reduce the time for query resolution from over 24 hours to less than 4 hours. This was done by a combination of Advatix technology and manpower solution.

The Advatix Difference

We bring deep domain expertise to the logistics and supply chain industry and hence our processes have been created by industry experts based on their on-ground experience. We understand what the customers want and what works best for the customer and hence can provide support that works for everyone.

We are also able to leverage our proprietary tools to further enhance customer experience by creating systems that help reduce waste and avoid failures. This helps us improve on-time delivery and mitigate any potential customer experience issues.

We work as an extension of the customer's business and not an outsourced team sharing business insights which will lead to tangible improvement in the services leading to an improved bottom line and enhanced customer loyalty.



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