Control Tower and
Command Center

Streamlining Logistics with Efficiency and Insight​

We predict the future and change it if needed. CXMC is a command and control center with live visibility into your end-to-end supply chain. Applying a combination of the latest technology, advanced analytics, and logistics specialists, we can see where things are and where they are headed. We proactively change the course to make sure you deliver to your customers as promised. CXMC provides your customers with real-time information about their orders while orchestrating your multi-modal supply chain, including dispatching the last mile network.

Talk to us to optimize your logistics operations and elevate your customer satisfaction to new heights.

Our Solutions

OmniChannel Support


Track and Trace

Ensuring seamless shipment journeys from booking to delivery, minimizing delays, and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.


Centralised Dispatch

Streamlining operations through precise coordination, ensuring smooth delivery processes and acting as the essential communication hub for drivers.

Customer Support


Fleet Tracking and Management

Optimize fleet utilization, reduce expenses, and enhance operational efficiency with our comprehensive fleet management solutions.


Capacity Planning & Forecasting​

Utilize predictive analytics to accurately anticipate order volumes and fleet needs, especially during peak seasons, aligning resources with demand to boost profitability.

Customer Feedback


Proactive Exception

Minimize operational impact and ensure timely order fulfillment with our swift exception handling and real-time alerts.

How we help

Contact us today to embark on a transformative customer experience journey.

Process standardization
Seamless Package Movement
  • Overcoming obstacles from weather challenges to disruptive events, we prioritize consistent and reliable shipment management, ensuring business continuity and resilience.
24*7 level 2 support
Enhanced Visibility, Stronger Relationships
  • Our end-to-end transportation solutions enhance transparency, fostering stronger client relationships and building trust.
Smart Dashboards
Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Utilize comprehensive data analytics for informed planning and decision-making, adjusting seamlessly to changes in the ecosystem.
Infra Support
On-Time Delivery and Promised Commitments
  • With our efficient processes and proactive solutions, we ensure every order is delivered on time, fulfilling your commitments and boosting customer satisfaction.
Infra Support
Centralized Dispatch Advantage
  • Achieve unmatched efficiency and responsiveness in your operations with our centralized dispatch, ensuring that every delivery is optimally planned and executed, reducing downtime and enhancing service levels.
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Always keep in mind the old retail
adage: Customers remember the
service a lot longer than they
remember the price.

Business Impact


Packages delivered
on time

Reduce costs by over 42% through strategic offshoring of CX operations, centralizing customer service to one offshore and one onshore location.


Bottom line

We maintain high answer rates even during peak periods with a 150% surge in volumes, ensuring a superior customer experience.


Reduced turn
around time.

Our systematic 5-phase DMAIC approach incorporates process standardization, non-value-added (NVA) reduction, and process automation to reduce TAT from 24 hours to less than 4 hours.

The Advatix difference

We bring deep domain expertise to the logistics and supply chain industry and hence our processes have been created by industry experts based on their on-ground experience. We understand what the customers want and what works best for the customer and hence can provide support that works for everyone.

We are also able to leverage our proprietary tools to further enhance customer experience by creating systems that help reduce waste and avoid failures. This helps us improve on-time delivery and mitigate any potential customer experience issues.

We work as an extension of the customer's business and not an outsourced team sharing business insights which will lead to tangible improvement in the services leading to an improved bottom line and enhanced customer loyalty.



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