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Who we are

Advatix is a team of the world’s top Supply Chain and Logistics experts with a laser focus on helping our clients transform their operating models to become market leaders.

We work backwards, maintaining absolute customer centricity to ensure that our clients and their customers get best-in-class service at the lowest possible cost. We do this with a unique recipe that combines Continuous Process Improvement, Technology Innovation, and Rapid Change Management – for Operations within the four walls, across the network, or on the road.

New kid on the block

I like home-made vegetarian foods and chai (Tea) and my hobbies include traveling, learning new things, watching movies and interested in sports and exercise.

When I first learnt about Advatix journey, I was very impressed to see how fast it was growing in several areas. After learning about it more, like its’ current and future project plans, future visions, teams etc., I decided to join the great team of Advatix.

Dharmendra Sharma

Global Director, eCommerce Solutions

New kid on the block

I have been married to Monica for almost 22 years. Our children Benjamin and Nicolas, fraternal twins, are both basketball players.

Advatix has an outstanding team and being part of this seasoned group of experts is truly an honor.  What also attracted me to Advatix is how fast the company is growing and helping other companies grow as well. I feel a strong affinity with the company´s approach: I’m 100% boots on the ground and passionate for innovation. It’s a perfect match with what I love to do: consulting & technology.

Pablo Unda Toledo



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