The One Thing Your eCommerce Business Needs to Succeed: Automated Order Processing with an OMS

  • June 27, 2023
  • 8 Min Read

eCommerce business landscape is ever evolving and ever-growing. And, in its evolvement process, it is experiencing a sea of challenges, as it is a customer driven market and requires an ecosystem which can help in building strong relationship with the target consumers. In a report shared by Statista Research Department, the revenue in the eCommerce market in the United States is forecast to increase between 2023 and 2027 by in total 551.9 billion U.S. dollars. And, it has been continuously increasing over the past years. A closer look at the market shows how several companies are adopting eCommerce for scaling up and installing robust eCommerce order management system in their business model, as consumers prefer multi-channel purchasing and consuming options.

Automated Order Processing with an OMS

“Customer service should not be a department. It should be the entire company.” — Tony Hsieh, CEO at

The above quote aptly sums the need and the importance of automated order fulfillment process with an OMS for the success of eCommerce business. An Order Management System integrates different departments of a company and allows access to the entire operation through a single dashboard for efficient management of supply chain, logistics and order processing. Today, order management is a complex matrix which requires coordination with every single aspect of business, inclusive of customers, product information, returns & refunds, sales channels, inventory location & levels, suppliers and order details (as in printing, packing, picking, shipping etc).

OMS Platform for eCommerce business redefines and simplifies the complexities by syncing each aspect of business operation. From the time of order generation to its fulfillment, each level is under automated scrutiny for faster completion of order with optimal precision. With plug-and-play technology at work, OMS allows insights into orders generated from across multiple sales channels; shipping schedules, tracking & tracing and coordinates with third-party fulfillment (3PL) partner for completion of the order and forecasting future trend for an SKU.

Key Benefits of an Order Management System

eCommerce is an inter-related and inter-dependent business model, which requires data-driven inventory management to forecast demand graph and consumer movements via multiple sale channels. OMS empowers businesses to receive and analyze information from cross sale points whether online or physical stores or social media or third-party links and more. It even supports those retailers who have global consumers and have orders coming from across the border with different coinages. OMS platform for eCommerce business provides one stop solution to cover all types of money transaction including cryptocurrency, inventory management, integrating sale channels with fulfillment centers, shipping & logistics, as well as scheduling. Its scope and purpose are manifold and increases with customization.

A few key benefits of an Order Management System, which sets the coins rolling for eCommerce businesses could be the following—

• Automates Fulfillment Centers. Well-equipped OMS aligns and automates internal processes beginning from order generation to order fulfillment. It is like one life cycle comprising of picking, processing, shipping and in some case return of an order. Irrespective of the mode of payment or delivery point, it accepts orders coordinates with in-house or Third-Party Fulfillment (3PL) partner for completion of an order and allows autonomous printing of shipping labels.

• Tracking of Inventory at Each Level & Sale Point. eCommerce facilitates reaching out to the consumers through various channels and gives consumers an option for combining online and offline modes for purchasing or delivery. For example, a consumer can purchase online but can opt for store pick-up for faster delivery or otherwise. Through automated process in the supply chain management, merchants can instantly communicate with the nearest warehouse and make it possible for the consumer to pick-up from the store at the shortest time. This internal synchronization of order fulfillment process has elevated the business of several and put them on the path of growth with wider revenue base.

• Reverse Logistics. eCommerce has opened avenues for several types of logistics which includes returning or cancelling of an order by the consumers. Merchants usually make a mistake of ignoring embedding a full-proof process for reverse logistics, which includes picking, reversing the amount and shipping back to the warehouse. One in every five items purchased online is either returned or cancelled, in this case merchants need to consider formalities involved and provide consumers with quick refund, or issue credit note or offer an exchange. With an assurance for return of money, consumers also feel secure and a trust is built with the retailer.

• Improves Accuracy in Order. eCommerce order management system automates repetitive work like calculating costs, recording customer behavior & information, analyzing demand for SKUs generated from a particular channel of sale and helps in directing inventory to the nearest warehouse to the sale point, and so on. With accurate data, several logistical bottlenecks can be avoided and a lot of unnecessary expenditure can be saved.

• Avoid Stockouts or Overstocking. With OMS installed in the system, locating inventory is a cakewalk. It helps in predicting demand, forecasts trend and avoids both stock outs and overstocking.

• Build Interactive Customer Relations & Meet Expectations. OMS allows two-way communication, both customer and the merchant are informed about order movement and time it would take for fulfillment of an order. Transparency in shipment of goods builds trust and also meets customer expectations.

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