The impact of COVID-19 has been felt around the Globe, an impact also endured by Advatix’s own team, including …

Good Samaritans, Doctors, Teenagers in the US and India, and an NGO all team up with Advatix to help families fight COVID-19

  • Agugust 03, 2021 – 03:00 PM
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The impact of COVID-19 has been felt around the Globe, an impact also endured by Advatix’s own team, including employees in India and the US. Inspired by the company’s own crusade against the pandemic and the recent surge in Covid cases in India, Advatix has been on a mission to help families in India over the last several weeks. Advatix logistics teams, good Samaritans, doctors and teenagers from both US and India teamed up to set up a hotline in New Delhi and get oxygen concentrators from Los Angeles, California straight to homes in India for anyone needing help. The units are being delivered by Advatix logistics to support as many homes as possible.

There is still much more to do, and we are requesting others join and support this mission by selecting either of the donation links detailed below.

It started with Advatix team members both in the U.S. and India testing positive for COVID-19. A reminder that the pandemic is a common enemy, regardless of region, citizenship, color, race, religion, age, or gender.

While the US was on a path to recovery, India was hit with a truly devastating second wave. In a very short span of time, hundreds of thousands got sick, including Advatix team members and their families. While most team members recovered, many of them lost their loved ones. Each day, news of more people getting impacted kept pouring in.

As the US team members got discharged from hospitals, members in India could not find beds at hospitals, forcing them to self-quarantine while hoping to receive treatment at home. To make matters worse, an acute shortage of medical oxygen spread throughout India, leaving thousands without the necessary medical supplies to receive sufficient care. This resulted in many preventable deaths.

The Advatix team

The Advatix US team started to hunt for oxygen concentrators in Los Angeles, CA and upon securing units, promptly tested each unit and shipped them to India. The Advatix India team repurposed the Advatix logistics command center into a COVID-19 hotline for families in need. The command center is also managing the distribution of the oxygen concentrators. A team of volunteer physicians from various states in India also joined to help the patients remotely.

The Volunteer Physicians

Dr. Gunjan Puri led the mission on the ground and was joined by his colleagues from the Indian state of Gujrat. Dr. Puri said, “we were just doing our duty in helping families and it was very fulfilling. With the help of Advatix, we were able to make a difference, even though it was in a different state and could have easily even been in a different country”. Dr. Puri and the team of volunteer physicians, worked around the clock, and helped patients in New Delhi and surrounding areas, as families reached out through the Advatix hotline.


Damini Dutta from BG Foundation, a local NGO in India, launched an initiative titled “Umeed Ki Kiran” – meaning “A Ray of Hope.” Damini and her team reached out to partner, support, and add food supplies. They ran a campaign for “Food, Oxygen and Live Support,” for what had now turned into a call for those involved to join the crusade.

“We were already helping the families with food and supplies. When we heard about the initiative by Advatix, we reached out and partnered with them, so we could serve the people better. Our experience as an NGO helped tap into the existing channels of serving,” said Damini.

The teenagers from India and the US

To expand the effort further, a team of teenagers helped promote awareness and raise funds for the supplies. Navya Chadha (16) from India started the Ketto fundraiser, while Garv Kapoor (16), Romir Kapoor (16) and Aarav Malhotra (17) spread the word in the US with flyers and promoted the GoFundMe campaign.

This team wants to do more and welcomes further support.

For anyone interested in helping please donate today using the links below:

GoFundMe (USA):

Ketto (INDIA):

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