Advatix is Providing eCommerce Holiday Peak Planning Service for 2021

  • July 21, 2021 – 5:00 PM
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This service aims to help eCommerce companies prepare for the surge, based on 2020 lessons and industry best practices.

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif, June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Advatix has developed a comprehensive and high-speed program to help eCommerce companies prepare their operations for the 2021 Holiday Peak demand that is expected to be the highest ever.

Holiday shopping shifted to eCommerce at an unprecedented rate last year, causing serious challenges for eCommerce fulfillment and delivery. The order volume will be even greater this year. Most eCommerce brands will experience a significant impact on their ability to fulfill and deliver customer orders during this holiday peak. It will be a “costly” peak for businesses that are not ready.

The companies most prepared will win. Amazon, Walmart, and a few others have been gearing up for months. FedEx and UPS already announced a peak surcharge with a continued shortage of logistics capacity.

Manish Kapoor, Founder and CEO of Advatix, said, “For holiday shopping this year, households will buy online more, earlier and every day. The supply chains will need to adapt to consumers in real-time. The accuracy of orders, service, speed, and on-time delivery expectations will be the highest. The Advatix Peak Planning Service is helping companies ensure happy customers and peak success.”

Holidays are a time for gift-giving, feasting, fun, and happy memories with family and friends. For the eCommerce industry, however, the holiday season is mixed with stress, risk, and significant revenue upside at stake.

Advatix is on a mission to help businesses “conquer the peak”. It has developed this unique Peak Planning Service to help eCommerce brands prepare for the holiday surge. The program is based on lessons from 2020, industry best practices, and the team’s extensive experience with managing eCommerce peaks.

“The workshop is comprehensive, intense, and fast. It is designed to maximize revenue potential during peak by applying analytics and special techniques to scale up capacity for labor, inventory, logistics, technology and customer service,” explained Sam Vahie, Chief Consulting and Strategy Officer at Advatix.

The Advatix Peak Planning Service is a must-have for eCommerce and retail companies aiming to maximize revenue with great customer service and delivery experience. More details are available at

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