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  • February 04, 2022
  • 10 Min Read

Operating in the food safety space, organizations must be able to successfully navigate related risks, regulations, and requirements. The team of food safety experts at Advatix are here to help, offering a wide variety of consulting services proven to help organizations overcome these challenges.

Food Safety Certifications

Whether you need to implement a comprehensive baseline food safety system or a more extensive GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) standard, our team of trained and tenured professionals will be able to assist you with successful certification. More importantly, we will ensure that with any standard you chose for your certification, your organization will reap the benefits of a well-implemented, functional, and user friendly food safety program. Some of the services offered by Advatix include:

  • • GMPs Manufacturing and Distribution audit schemes
  • • SQF, BRC, FSC22000, PrimusGFS gap pre-assessments
  • • SQF, BRC, FSC22000, PrimusGFS systems implementation
  • • SQF, BRC, FSC22000, PrimusGFS training

Suppliers Food Safety Assessments

Food safety regulators and various auditing schemes generally require risk assessments to be performed on food ingredients, processing aids and packaging materials suppliers. Risk assessments allow your purchasing and quality assurance groups to make decisions that mitigate risks to consumers and brand. Our team of food safety professionals is available to assist you with due diligence safety assessments for your suppliers.

Food Safety Plans Development (HACCP)

Food safety plans using a HACCP methodology are an integral part of any robust food safety program. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires food facilities to have well-documented and implemented food safety plans including a risk analysis and risk-based preventive controls. Our HACCP experts will assist with the development and validation of food safety plans and prerequisite programs.

Integrated Risk Management

Organizations understand the need to manage food safety risks to remain competitive and safeguard shareholder value. Our approach to food risk management implements an Integrated Risk Management system for clients, using sound risk management principles that permeate strategic, tactical, and operational levels of the organization.

Taking a top-down approach, our tenured team works collaboratively with clients to implement key aspects of food risk management. We use a methodology that starts with establishing parameters for measuring potential food safety risks, and then ensure all safety risks are identified. An in-depth risk analysis is then performed to define the relevant controls and prioritize risks and mitigation strategies.

Food Safety Culture

One of the biggest challenges in implementing food safety and quality programs is the development and maintenance of an effective food safety culture. Numerous FDA investigation reports written after food safety crises have occurred, cited the lack of an established food safety culture as a root cause for food safety incidents. Advatix technical change agents use defined methodologies and assessments to define and establish an organizational culture focused on excellence in food safety and quality.

FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) Compliance

The rules of food safety compliance have changed with the passing of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Many food manufacturers and distributors still struggle with understanding FSMA requirements and how to comply. Our regulatory experts are available to demystify FSMA, and to ensure that your operations are in full regulatory compliance. Advatix team of experts achieves this by performing a FSMA gap analysis and working with your team to close the compliance gap.

Food Safety Crisis Management

The worst-case scenario for a food business is to experience a food safety crisis that may cause significant risk to consumers and brand integrity. Adequate crisis preparation and execution reduces adverse impact to businesses during and after a food safety crisis. Our team of business crisis professionals will partner with your organization to assess your organization’s crisis preparedness, and to develop an appropriate course of action for effective crisis management. Our approach to crisis management focuses on the following factors:

  • • Crisis definition and prioritization
  • • Team formation and accountabilities
  • • Workflow playbooks and communication
  • • Crisis preparedness drills
  • • Crisis execution assessment

Risk Assessment Product Commercialization and Launch

An important strategic initiative for food companies is the development of new product offerings. Unfortunately, most products are developed without food safety being a primary consideration. It is well-known axiom that you cannot inspect food safety into the quality of manufactured products; food safety needs to be built into the product development phase. Our food safety and commercialization professionals conduct product and process risk analyses, and prepare a risk mitigation plan to ensure new products are launched with the highest standards of safety and quality.

Food Safety Talent Acquisition and Training

Employees are a critical variable of any organization’s effective food safety program. With the increasingly tight labor market and elevated demand for qualified food safety professionals, it is challenging to find and hire the right team members for food safety programs. Our people experts are there to assist organizations with the recruitment of qualified team members, temporary placement of experienced senior and junior managers, and training employees on comprehensive food safety and quality programs.

Partnering with Advatix can significantly reduce risks to your customers and brand integrity due to product safety and regulatory noncompliance incidents. Advatix will work with your team to ensure the best food safety system is in place to reduce the risk of expensive product recalls and regulatory actions. Additionally, it is a fact that a well-implemented food safety program often leads to significant operational cost reductions. Our team of experts are not only well-versed in food safety and regulatory compliance, but also in driving continuous improvements in operational KPIs. To learn more about what Advatix has to offer your organization, contact us today!

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Dan Brackett is a tenured food safety and quality professional with over 30 years of developing, implementing and maintaining World Class food safety and quality programs. He has assisted many food companies with risk mitigation initiatives and achieving GFSI certifications. Dan has a graduate degree in Organizational Development and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.


Dan Brackett
Director, Food Safety & Quality Assurance