The Omnichannel Revolution: Seamlessly Integrating Online and In-store Retail

  • 05 March 2024
  • 5 Min Read

Welcome to ‘phygital’, a world where physical and digital coexist and is flourishing! Omnichannel Retail Revolution, a seamless integration of online and in-store retailing, is expanding the realms of retailing landscape. Experience the calmness of virtual shopping with cashier-free counters or merge the two worlds—physical and digital, to explore an innovative symphony orchestrated by Omnichannel technology.

Omnichannel retailing strategy supports multiple points of sales by integrating physical and digital touch points along with delivery options. The integrated online and brick ‘n’ mortar shopping enriches customer experience, as it allows flawless exchange of communication from eCommerce platforms to in-store operations to kiosks to mobile apps to social media to various point of sale (POS) systems. To put in simple cohesive words, it celebrates customer empowerment via multiple physical and digital touchpoints. eCommerce platforms integrations also allow several click and collect options as buying online and picking from stores (BOPIS), lockers and more. It benefits retailers by furthering visibility, connect, authenticity and reach with the target audiences.

Impact of Omnichannel Revolution on Customer Experience

Omnichannel Revolution is an integrated marketing strategy, leveraging frictionless, convenient shopping experience for a consumer at any point of time. It is designed to navigate a customer as if it is a personal window where one can explore elements of relevance and interest at that moment. The seamless integrated system is developed after minutely following a customer’s journey, monitoring interests and likes through data collected from various supply chain operations. Omnichannel marketing is a compact ecosystem, benefitting both customers and the retailers.

Enhances Customer Experience

• Omnichannel marketing supports personalized shopping experience for customers. Through the data collected from various touch points, it navigates customers to right alleys and show products curated for an individual customer.

• Customers have freedom to shop online or via a mobile device and have the advantage of picking from the store or lockers or any other pickup points as per convenience.

• Omnichannel marketing platforms allows customers to check availability of a product at different locations and get it delivered at a preferred pick-up point. For example, a customer goes for an in-store shopping and if a product with particular specifics is not available at the said location, with cloud solution, availability of the product can be checked at other locations. The product can be ordered and delivered at the nearest pick-up point or locker or curbside.

• Customer trust and loyalty for a brand increases manifold with click-and-collect options for picking-up the goods. This assures customers that orders would reach on time and in the best condition. Click and collect is also referred as curbside pickups and offers options as lockers or in-store pick-up and more. All these are usually shown to customers at the payment gateway, where it is easy to opt for preferred locations.

• Among the numerous benefits, one is customers wish list or an item in the shopping cart can be accessed from any device and from anywhere, even via in-store kiosks. It appears instantly when logged through the account of the customer. So, if a product is urgently required and online delivery date and time do not suit the customer, and it is available in a physical store, the customers can be easily guided and navigated to the right location. This real-time update on SKU benefits customer and retailer both.

• eCommerce platform integrations have changed the dynamics of exchange or reverse of orders. Whatever maybe the POS, order can be reversed and accepted at any platform. The only requirement is the proof of purchase, that can be accessible using customer’s account details, it helps easy reversal of money or in issuing credit notes.

Optimizes Retailing

Omnichannel marketing platforms works on unified ecosystem and is powered by Artificial Intelligence. The smart system relay insights gathered from customer interaction and data analytics. The information help businesses to offer personalized offers, discounts, products and other sales recommendations. The cookies collect data about customer interests and previous searches, enabling business to plan out future actions, foresee trends and opportunities to scale profits.

• With enhanced inventory visibility, retailers can optimize inventory management. Real-time information help in monitoring and controlling shrinkage, movement of inventory from one warehouse to another, better control of space in warehouses, logistics, shipment and order fulfillment process.

• Reinforces and strengthens customer loyalty as there is transparency in order fulfillment. Customers are communicated about the status of order through track and trace and SKU mapping.

• Seamless integration between multiple touch points for sales, returns and exchanges create a meaningful and stronger customer experience. The consistency in options grows brand loyalty and trust.

• Profit margin has increased as omnichannel technology is a sustainable marketing strategy. It provides resources and scope for reducing carbon footprint with enriched customer experience. For these two reasons, customers are willingly paying extra for enjoying benefits of omnichannel marketing.

• Last but not the least, Omnichannel Revolution has improved understanding between customers and retailers, due to effective use of data analytics.

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