Advatix Comprehensive outplacement solutions

  • July 21, 2021 – 5:00 PM
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“It’s an Employer’s Market. We Are Your Partners, And Here To Help Your Employees Transition to A New Role”

Advatix Comprehensive Outplacement Solutions

Employees fundamentally shape the value delivered by a company to its customers and investors.Great companies consistently make investments in the development of their employees.This produces superior returns for the company in the form of increased employee engagement, superior work product, increased customer satisfaction and retention.These are all byproducts of employee goodwill. Employee goodwill is an intangible asset, which has a substantial impact on the company, even after an employee moves on.

The current crisis has forced many employers to reduce their workforce, and while doing so, the greatest American companies are proactively taking steps to “do the right thing” for their employees and, in the process earn their fair share of the community’s goodwill.So, how do companies separate from the pack during difficult economic times, when employees are suffering? An often-overlooked way to support severed employees is to offer the resources they’ll need to land the next job, soon. Actively engaging in their “outplacement” helps propel them forward, so the employee leaves on positive terms, and is then naturally inclined to support the organization, and creating an advocate that is willing to recommend it to other potential employees, and even inclined to return to that company at future date.

Now more than ever, employees need to do more to attract the attention of companies. They need a guide through this journey. This means going well-beyond efforts they made in the past to secure that coveted role. In the current market, employees need to position themselves as brands, and direct a clearly defined value proposition towards their target employer. This is critical, as the market today has fewer open jobs than people to fill them, which means more candidates competing for each role.

Comprehensive outplacement delivers a highly personalized solution for each individual employee. And the services are delivered efficiently and more cost effectively than ever before. In fact, the best services guarantee results by helping their outplacement clients find a job or continue providing these services for free until that goal is met.

The advent of virtual technologies has made this efficient. It not only helps a job seeker conserve time, but also eliminates expenses associated with commuting to a career counselor’s office and reduces stress. In order to maintain corporate values and the organizations goodwill, for current and future job seekers, you need to avoid the existing one-size-fits-all outplacement offering. The leaders at Advatix Comprehensive Outplacement Services can help.

Comprehensive Outplacement Services:

Personalized 1:1 Career Coaching Across the Board
Highly Customized Job Matching
Resume Writing
LinkedIn Profile Review
Cover Letter Writing
Interview Preparation
Executive Career Coaching
Orientation and Transition Guides
Self-Assessments and Workshops
Networking and Company Research
Guaranteed Results
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