2021 Peak: Are you ready? Let’s do a quick check-up.

  • October 17, 2017
  • 10 Min Read

Most companies that have a sales bonanza during peak are still reeling from the 2020 holiday peak season. There was a dramatic shift from bricks to bits and eCommerce sales grew by about 45% in 2020 (over 2019). While most companies have started to make shifts to support the eCommerce shift and plan for the gaps they had in 2020- the tsunami has a second wave that is about to hit us sooner this year with a 25% surge. The key question you need to ask yourself is: Are we ready?

What is being ready really mean? Is it the website (that doesn’t crash), the fulfillment center that is appropriately staffed and stocked to support the surge of orders (after Black Friday and Cyber Monday), the logistics service providers (that aren’t capping volumes or putting peak surcharges), or the customer service center (with wait times under 5 mins) to keep customers happy and coming back to you? It’s all of the above and more.

If you haven’t started, it is time you did – since most capacities (labor, fulfillment, inventory, logistics and call centers) magically disappear by the end of August (or earlier in some cases). Advatix, as hands-on operators who have managed multiple peaks with the likes of Amazon and Walmart- we are here to help streamline and plan for this year’s peak: effectively and efficiently (covering all aspects in 4 weeks or less). We are just announcing our Peak Planning Service offering for 2021 that includes:

– Forecasting Peak Orders and Volume

– Assessing your fulfillment network’s readiness and capacity

– Planning your sourcing and inventory strategy

– Developing your logistics plan for on-time deliveries

– Evaluating your online portals and sites

– Ensuring your customer experience continues to be flawless

About Advatix

Advatix is a team of the world’s top Supply Chain and Logistics experts with a laser focus on helping our clients transform their operating models to become market leaders.

We work backwards, maintaining absolute customer centricity to ensure that our clients and their customers get best-in-class service at the lowest possible cost. We do this with a unique recipe that combines Continuous Process Improvement, Technology Innovation, and Rapid Change Management – for Operations within the four walls, across the network, or on the road.

Connect with our eCommerce experts to know how you can plan better for 2021 Holiday Season or know more about our Peak Planning Service