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  • October 17, 2017
  • 10 Min Read

Advatix CEO Lays Out Winning Omnichannel Supply Chain Strategy to Compete with Industry Giants Santiagio, Chile, October 17, 2017 Speaking to an audience of industry leaders at the 2017 LATAM Retail Congress shop, Advatix CEO, Manish Kapoor, highlighted new opportunities to augment an organization’s omnichannel supply chain. Manish’s address on the need for developing a unique and a winning omnichannel supply chain strategy generated a lot of interest.

Given the changing landscape where ecommerce is rapidly taking share from brick and mortar stores, the need to embrace a winning omnichannel strategy has now become a necessity. In response to this emerging trend, Advatix has developed techniques, which allow retailers to rapidly implement ecommerce and mobile commerce solutions, and help online players scale up fulfillment and logistics.

Manish emphasized the importance of consolidating fragmented channels and offered solutions. The implementation of these solutions resulted in a demonstrable increase in profitability and significantly reduced the operating costs. Additionally, Manish discussed the benefits Advatix clients are realizing by optimizing various facets of their omnichannel expansion, which include Ordering Experience, Inventory Optimization, Fulfillment and Logistics.

Citing examples from recent client engagements, Manish discussed how the application of unique Advatix solutions rapidly improved supply chain and logistics. The favorable results were far reaching and produced noticeable improvements in their KPIs – improved labor and asset utilization, quicker throughput, improved cash flow and most importantly, these efforts enhanced the overall experience for the end consumer.

Manish also provided insights on other emerging trends. Increased competition and decreasing margins have made innovation in omnichannel supply chain a mission critical need. An effective omnichannel strategy generates an increase in total customer spend and an increase in share of wallet. Manish stated that while retailers had increasingly embraced an omnichannel strategy, the full benefits were yet to be realized. According to Manish, “Not having a complementary omnichannel supply chain strategy has been a limiting factor for many retailers, as many ecommerce companies struggle to scale up fast. Advatix uses a “boots on the ground” approach, which helps companies address these very challenges and transforms end-to-end operating models for omnichannel fulfillment.

Responding to a question from an audience member about the feasibility of implementing customized solutions, Manish stated, “Change leadership is key. Advatix only designs solutions that can be implemented and addresses all the key factors required for success at the inception phase of the project. We consider implementation an integral part of the endeavor, and our experts actively collaborate with the client’s team on the ground. We share a common goal with our clients. We really are a guide through a client’s journey.”

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