Advatix Hires Gerry Mercure from TForce and Phylliss Lundquist from Amazon and Starbucks, Continues to Unlock Growth for Several Companies.

  • April 10, 2019 – 4:00 PM
  • 10 Min Read

Advatix Inc., one of the world’s most experienced logistics operations and technology leader, is on a mission to help companies grow faster by streamlining supply chains and operations. Last week, at the Home Delivery World Expo in Philadelphia, PA, Advatix announced the addition of two more industry leaders.

Gerry Mercure has joined Advatix as the Vice President of Client Solutions. Gerry comes with 37 years of logistics client relationship experience which includes a long tenure as VP of Sales with TForce, the largest final mile provider in the US and an Advatix partner. Gerry shared, “I am excited to join this dynamic and power-packed team. Advatix is helping companies grow through strategic guidance, tactical boots-on-the-ground support and technical innovation.” Among other responsibilities, Gerry will manage the relationship with TForce for continued partnership and growth for both companies.

Phylliss Lundquist has joined Advatix as the Director of Operations Solutions. Phylliss is an expansion expert with global experience, including 7 years at Amazon and 10 years at Starbucks. At Amazon, she was a leader in various areas including Fulfillment Center Operations, Amazon Fresh Operations, Amazon Logistics, Amazon Bookstores, and most recently Amazon’s third-party sellers. At Starbucks, she led retail expansion initiatives. “We are thrilled to have Phylliss join the team; the breadth and depth of her experience have already started to make a positive impact for our clients. Advatix has a reputation of bringing on only the best in the eCommerce, logistics and operational process industries and it’s because of our people that our clients trust us to grow and expand their businesses,” said Tom Baker, Vice President of Operations Solutions, Advatix.

The Advatix team

The Advatix US team started to hunt for oxygen concentrators in Los Angeles, CA and upon securing units, promptly tested each unit and shipped them to India. The Advatix India team repurposed the Advatix logistics command center into a COVID-19 hotline for families in need. The command center is also managing the distribution of the oxygen concentrators. A team of volunteer physicians from various states in India also joined to help the patients remotely.