June 2, 2022 | 2:00 pm EST

The Expert Mile Webinar Series By Advatix

Get Ready for
a Successful Peak
Season 2022

No matter the size and capacity of your business, a surge of business is
bound to bring complexities that your company may or may not be
prepared for. Whether you are in operations, sales, finance, or CX join the
conversation to learn about how to plan and prepare for peak season and
meet consumer demand.

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Ready, Set, Peak Season

Get insights from key industry leaders on best practices
to prepare for peak season.

For supply chain, retail and eCommerce industries, Peak Season is one of the most demanding phases of the year. While the period serves as an opportunity for business growth and maximization, it is also the biggest test of business’ systems, processes, and efficiencies (or lack thereof).

Join us for a conversation with Peak Season experts and operators Mike Swartz, deHaven Group, LLC CEO & Bill Teller, Advatix COO to learn how retail and eCommerce businesses can prepare for and ensure success during the Peak Season madness.


When & how to
start preparing
for peak

Best Practices
for peak

PitfallS to avoid
this year


Hear directly from Mike and Bill – who have lived
and learned through more than two decades of Peak
Seasons – about these key topics, and more:

  • Learn how to predict
    and plan for
    customer demand

  • Ensure you have the
    right capacity you
    need for peak to
    fulfill the high volume

  • Explore practices
    that you can adopt
    for a successful
    peak season

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With peak season 2022 shaping up to be a record year, let’s make
sure you’re ready!

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  • Date:
    June 2, 2022
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We are proud to partner with industry experts to
bring you the most relevant information.

Mike Swartz,

(Ex-Amazon, Instacart)

CEO, deHaven Group, LLC

Mike has worked some of the best companies in the world including Amazon,
Instacart. His areas of expertise include fulfillment operations, supply chain, call
center operations, light manufacturing and operational excellence (lean and six
sigma problem solving).


Bill Teller

Chief Operations Officer

Bill Teller is the Chief Operations Officer at Advatix. Bill is acclaimed with launching and operating the very first Amazon Last Mile delivery station in the US. He led the operational expansion of Amazon Fresh and Amazon Logistics (AMZL) – where he teamed up with Manish Kapoor. Bill also lead operations at Amazon Fulfillment Centers.

One of the top industry experts in eCommerce operations, Bill has also led operations at several Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Bill also served as SVP at Video Equipment Rentals where he led the charge over a national network of 25 fulfillment Centers and several hundred employees.Bill also led a significant part of the operations at Frito Lay.

Bill is experienced in managing all aspects of operations for large and small companies along with deep hands-on experience in launching and growing start up business units in industries such as, logistics, food and beverage, and mixed media rentals. Bill is also well-versed in leading complex change management through coaching, mentoring, and team building.