As a lead logistics provider, our team at Advatix finds new and improved ways to manage and automate the different aspects of the supply chain on an ongoing basis. We help you with design, cost estimation, negotiations, partner selection and implementation of the strategy. We can manage every aspect of your supply chain, including the transportation company, third party logistics, warehouses and various other aspects of your supply chain.

Global giant Walmart uses the latest logistics services that are in sync with their business goals and the implementation of the logistic strategy helps them achieve financial milestones in the long term. Our executive team will help develop a strategy for your business and ensure that products reach the consumers in a timely and cost effective manner.

Advatix Impact


Deliver as Promised to the Customer, Inform the Customer along the way and Adapt to Customer’s changing needs. Customer first! That is where it begins. We help implement the infrastructure, technology, teams and processes to ensure that customer experience stays front and center as we improve speed and reduce cost.


"Now" is the new normal. Companies that are not always working to improve the speed of delivery are already feeling the pain. We inject data driven innovation into logistics and find ways to cut the transit times.


Shipping and logistics cost is commonly the largest operating expense. A well-designed logistics solution set can adapt dynamically to always find the lowest cost path, without impacting service – we are the experts at this! Best design, strong partners, right contracts, live systems, and few more make up our unique and proven game-plan.

What We Offer
  • Multimodal Solution Design
  • Ship Methods & Policies
  • Private Fleet Management
  • Logistics Technology Platform
  • Strategic Sourcing (RFPs)
  • Delivery Experience (Tracking, Visibility, Flexibility)
  • Safety & Security
  • Ship Audit Services

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