Command and
Control Tower

Gain Control of your Supply Chain and reduce impact of Disruptions with business insights and Real-Time alerts

Supply Chain Control Tower is traditionally a system of connected dashboards, mapped business metrices and events across supply chain with real- time alerts. It provides you with visibility and insights that allow organizations to take actions against disruptions in supply chain. Advatix Command and Control Tower augments these capabilities with experienced operators managing your operations and our technology that enhances your customer experience.

Our solutions

From Helping you manage exceptions to making sure they don’t disrupt your Supply Chain again; Command and Control Tower from Advatix is your single source of truth to make your decisions.


End-To End Visibility

Connecting all the components of your Supply Chain to build real time visibility. Information from multiple data sources is provided through smart dashboards (business metrices KPIs and SLA)


Get Insights:

Predict disruptions and understand impact of events on processes and customers. Performance based actionable Business Insights to make better decisions. Sales & Operational Planning to create supply chain readiness for demand fluctuations


Take Action:

Real Time alerts with predefined escalation matrix for proactive exception handling. Mitigate disruptions by reducing time from days to hours thus controlling impact on operations.


Prepared supply chain:

Command and control tower prepare your supply chain real time alerts, predict and meet demand, control cost, ensures on time delivery, alligne work force, creating seamless customer experience

How We Help

A purpose-built control tower for your
organization ensuring

Enhanced Customer Experience (Customer facing activities)

Ensuring On-time delivery through proactive failure prevention & notifications,
smooth communcation through various channelsv

Resilient Supply Chain (exception management)

Predefined escalation matrix and process to enable the team to identify the
right solution in timely manner

Open Model platform (customizable/flexible)

Plug n Play platforms that allows you to integrate with multiple systems and
modify as per the business requirements

Experts managing command and control tower

World class expertise at your disposal to efficiently manage
day to day operations


Advatix Command and Control Tower leverage power of intelligent capabilities and experienced operators to optimize processes, making supply chain more dynamic, responsive, and predictive.

How Control Tower works

Individual systems and individual processes.


Process Collaboration

Process Collaboration

Single Source of Truth

Middleware system or integrated platform

  • Inbound/

  • Inventory

  • Fleet

  • Finance


Business Impact

Advised a leading global private equity firm with over $20B in assets under
management with sector and company due-diligence, and multi-round negotiations
leading to a successful stake increase in a leading last-mile logistics provider.


Increase in
bottom-line/gross margin

Consolidating multiple sites into a centralize operations team utlizing our COE framework, effective resource alignment and simplified process reducing overheads and direct expenditures along with reduced inventory waste


Improvement in CSAT

Meeting customer expectations with On time delivery and makings sure that customer is kept always informed throughout the delivery cycle.

Reduced end customer contact


Improved workforce

We implemented hourly/ daily requirement based on the forecast by site and making sure apt number of resources available hence improving the overall fleet utilization inclusive of driver and fixed aasets

A Line that connects
to our vision.

Here in brief we can talk about the value system, vision, growth and sustainability. This section will take us to the Advatix difference page.


The Advatix difference

Domain expertise in Supply Chain

Team of experts and boots on ground approach we know what works and what doesn’t by virtue of being present in the industry for a long time and our boots on ground approach. We know what a smart, resillient supply chain comprises of and our start of art command and control tower built to keep you ahead in business.

We understand frequently encountered issues and work with the stakeholders to maximize command and control tower efficiency.

Advatix Supply Chain Technology Ecosystem

Our Technology capabilities help create solutions for fast growing organizations in
managing their Supply chain.

Our technology capabilities help to manage supply chain for fast growing organization. Advatix AI, intitutive technology when implemented control towers turn visibility into truly digital supply chains; creating transparency and smooth flow of information.



Supply Chain 4.0:
to use your
supply chain for

Case Study

How we Helped a beauty brand expand the business.


Case Study

How we Helped a beauty brand expand the business.


Case Study

How we Helped a beauty brand expand the business.


How can we help you?

Here in brief we can talk about the value system, vision, growth and
sustainability. This section will take us to the Advatix difference page.