Insights from key industry leaders on People
Strategy for Winning Peak.

Guest Speaker: Daniel Mohanrao, Chief Operating Officer, KiwiCo.

Host: John Cordova, Chief Human Resources Officer, Advatix

September 8, 2022

Different industries have different time frames they consider “peak” and while not all industry peaks are aligned with one another, every industry faces similar challenges, including labor modeling, deploying the right staff mix, knowing when to launch their peak plan, and more. ​

Our latest webinar, ‘People Strategy for Winning Peak’ will help you understand how to build an effective strategy for managing people, ensuring they’re more productive, and different practices for deploying the “just right” number of employees.​

Watch now to:
  • How much staff is enough staff?
  • What is the correct staffing mix?​
  • When to recruit more staff and for how long?
  • How to strategize peak completion?
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