Logistics and distribution are highly complex. In order to maintain the inventory at the right level and to meet the demands of the consumers, Advatix will help your business develop an efficient omnichannel strategy that will cost effectively expedite the movement of goods. At Advatix, we develop strategies, which allow our clients to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience for their customers.

In order to bridge the gap between brick and mortar stores and online stores, omnichannel supply chain network helps create a smooth transition from one channel to another for the customers. We build implementation-oriented solutions that will help you augment omnichannel marketing. We build a strategy specifically based on your industry and only offer implementable solutions to help you realize your long and short-term goals.

Advatix Impact


Our leadership with extensive experience from Amazon, FedEx, and UPS understand how to best establish your network and ensuring your inventory is strategically dispersed throughout your distribution centers.

Enhanced Consumer Experience

Your customers will see better fulfillment rates and have their products on time.

What We Offer
  • Market Density Analysis
  • Demand Based Footprint Design
  • Hub & Spoke Models
  • ECommerce and Fulfillment

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