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The Advatix team consists of top industry experts that expedite operational transformation through quick problem solving and applying proven practices. Team members bring diverse backgrounds and experiences that share the common goal of relentless commitment to our clients’ success.


Mike Blair is Director of Logistics Solutions at Advatix and leads the charge for logistics innovation and cost optimization. With 30 years in this space, he is one of the top industry experts, now helping Advatix’s customer be best in class.

With a deep background in Logistics Operations, Mike has an explicit understanding of how and why things operate as they do and some of the best ways our clients can get better in their operations, as well as helps them serve their customers better, at the right cost. At UPS Mike was recognized in the top 3% contributors worldwide.

Mike has also led several industry training and learning sessions explaining the intricacies of the parcel and LTL industry, making what can be complex into relatable and actionable solutions.

Mike worked successfully across multiple industry verticals including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Retail, developing both inbound and outbound transportation programs. He is experienced in managing the full transportation life cycle from initial quality vetting, to operational engagement, through negotiating world class contracts and making sure what is negotiated is what is paid.

“Helping our clients serve their customer with the best possible experience, while getting their spend optimized to the lowest cost per delivered pound, through strategic negotiation, key operational understanding, and with a hands on approach, is vital. Putting business intelligence solutions in place to keep those cost gains there, seals the deal.”


  • BS, Business Management, University of Redlands, Redlands, Ca.
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