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The Advatix team consists of top industry experts that expedite operational transformation through quick problem solving and applying proven practices. Team members bring diverse backgrounds and experiences that share the common goal of relentless commitment to our clients’ success.


Manish Kapoor founded Advatix after 25 years of senior leadership roles at various organizations including Amazon and FedEx. At Amazon, he was the first person hired for the newly formed group “Amazon Logistics – AMZL” with the mission to build Amazon’s own logistics capabilities. Manish led last mile efforts worldwide including US launch of Amazon Fresh and Sunday Delivery.

Manish has a career track record to lead industry transformations. He created the first in the US centralized command and control center for Last Mile at FedEx, with automated route optimization even before smart phones were mainstream.

The first 10 years of Manish’s career were in the Printing industry where he led the disruption of the check printing industry. He collaborated with Xerox R&D to develop a commercial digital printing technology solution to print check with magnetic toner. Manish also helped launch the first digital pre-press operation in India, prior to moving to the US. The Printing Industry recognized Manish’s contributions with the prestigious Global Xplorer award.

Manish also served as President and Chief Operating Officer at Cheetah Software Systems and Video Equipment Rentals.

So why did Manish start Advatix?

Over the years, Manish hired several of the top consulting companies always getting good recommendations but never the right support to execute. In addition, the number of companies that need help with eCommerce and Omni-Channel operations is growing every day. Thus, Advatix was formed to provide the real “boots on the ground” help by veteran eCommerce Operators and Strategists to unlock growth for its client companies. Many companies have already changed their growth trajectory with Advatix’s help and that number continues to grow every month.

“Starting Advatix is also natural. It’s going back to my roots since I come from a family of four generations of entrepreneurs. I have been training 25 years for this”, shared Manish.


  • Supply Chain Strategy and Management Certification – M.I.T. (Massachusetts)
  • MBA w/Honors (Magna Cum Laude) – Babson (Massachusetts)
  • Master of Science w/Honors – Rochester Institute of Technology (New York)
  • Bachelor of Engineering w/Honors – Pune University (India)
  • LEAN/6-Sigma – Univ. of Texas, Dallas (Texas)
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