Customer Service

Rethink your customer service experience

Customers expect more than just a good product, they demand experience. Today's customers has become much more digital proficient/native and like to have a consistent experience across multiple channels. Our approach goes far beyond the traditional method of handling customer contact. Delivering an exceptional customer experience in today’s environment is no easy feat. Regardless of channel, we can help you create a great customer journey.Through a combination of technology, strategy, and ridiculously smart people, we help you deliver that consistency—even in an ever-changing world.

Our solutions


Multi-Channel Support

Our state-of-the-art platforms help us provide you with support on a media of your choice. We offer voice and non-voice support, including but not limited to emails/ web queries, chat, and social media support on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yelp, and more.


Multi-Location & Lingual Support

We have our teams based within and outside the US, giving you the flexibility of creating the right balance between onshore and offshore support.


Managing End-to-End Business

We help you in managing the orders throughout their life cycle and assisting your customers even before an order is placed and right to the time it gets delivered to the end customer.


Business Transformation and Continuous Improvement

Our team is comprised of Operations leaders with experience in running and transforming national and global businesses in customer service and continuous improvement through data analytics, domain knowledge, and process expertise aimed at restructuring the process for higher efficiency

How We Help

Advatix is a team of the world’s top supply chain and logistics experts with a laser focus on helping our clients transform their operating models and become the leader in their markets.

Process Standardization

Our business excellence team works to provide a set of validated procedures that define the most reliable practices across the industry through process deep dives and utilizing six sigma-driven methodologies.

Complaint/Escalations Management

24x7 specialized support to manage and solve customer problems.

Smart Dashboards

Real-time data visibility at your fingertips.

Infra Support

Best in class infrastructure to support customer queries (this means customer response) through chatbots, email, text notifications, and social media.

An investment in knowledge
Pays the best interest.


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Business Impact

Advised a leading global private equity firm with over $20B in assets under
management with sector and company due-diligence, and multi-round negotiations
leading to a successful stake increase in a leading last-mile logistics provider.


in cost

Cost reduced through our COE framework centralizing the operations to 2 Locations (offshore and onshore). Consolidation and standardization of the processes carried out of multiple locations reduced overheads and infra cost


Improved the
call Answer rate

Outsourcing to Advatix improved the call answer rate by 29%. Our meticulous planning helped maintain the same call rate during the peak aswell without increasing the manpower. We also looked at the opportunity to reduce the call volume by looking into the causes and mitigating through collaborative actions for improvement

< 4hrs

Reduced time

Our business process reengineering framework helped our clients to re-design their processes and stay relevant in constantly changing business environments. Our systematic, 5-phase DMAIC approach reduced the TAT from 24hours to less than 4hours through process standardization, NVA reduction and process automation.

The Advatix difference

We bring deep domain expertise

to the Logistics and supply chain industry and hence our processes have been created by industry experts based on their on ground experience. We understand what the customers want and what works best for the customer and hence are able to provide support which works for everyone.

We are also able to leverage our proprietary tools

to further enhance the customer experience by creating systems which help reduce waste and avoid failures. This helps us improve on time delivery and mitigate any potential customer experience issues.

Execution Focussed

We put our money where our
mouth is. We stand by our
strategic recommendations
and will help you take it from
the boardroom to the
frontline with an actionable
execution roadmap.



Supply Chain 4.0:
to use your
supply chain for

Case Study

How we Helped a beauty brand expand the business.


Case Study

How we Helped a beauty brand expand the business.


Case Study

How we Helped a beauty brand expand the business.


How can we help you?

Here in brief we can talk about the value system, vision, growth and
sustainability. This section will take us to the Advatix difference page.